Thursday, 20 January 2011

My Favourite Antidepressant.

 I was pondering about the goodness of laughing, and came up with all sorts of uncomfortable situations where a laugh is secretly hiding. Drag the mofo out!

"Laugh when you are laughed at!"
of course if one is having period cramps the exact moment a joker gets in your face, one is perfectly entitled to any violently explicit grunts or gestures. But on a period-free day (girls) bring out the smiles and it'll set the mood right for the whole day. I kid you not.

 Yesterday morning...

Arifuddin: Wah Liza  cantiknya.....

Liza: hehe Thank youuuu *sing song voice*

Arifuddin : Cantiknya beggg...nyehahahhahahhakehehkhekhekeh

and I burst out laughing as well, because (damnit!) I didn't see that one coming...and little Arifuddin thought he was so funny, that I couldn't help but laugh.

thats Arifuddin and I

"When someone talks about you behind your back, 
smile knowing they took time out of their pathetic lives to think about you"

this quote makes me LOL because the happy effect is instantaneous!

In 2008, we attended Camp Disaster from church. 
It was cut short because the priest got so angry because my parents complained about the discipline.
In one day, my two friends and I became PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER 1
Because of us, camp had been cut short, and everyone was sent home.

the next week as we walked into class,
I heard a chorus of

Pat was got really angry and overturned a chair. 
The whole class was tense.
But at that moment I just burst out laughing. 
and couldn't stop. 

In my  head I was thinking, 
"We affected their lives so much??? people actually booo their classmates??

(For the record, i hadn't done anything wrong at camp, and everybody is on talking terms now. Forgiven and forgotten)

" Smile. It irritates those who wish to destroy you."

Another amazing quote.

I have a good friend by the name of Syafwan Omar, whos main aim in life is to see if I'll get angry.
I am NOT joking.
I found out one day, when he succeeded in making me yell..

Syafwan: Yessss! akhirnya saya berjaya buat liza marah!!

and I burst out laughing because wow yes people like that do exist!

Not once have I forgotten to smile.
 Syafwan is a really good guy and beneath all those lame jokes there is a good heart.
syafwan and I 

"We are all inventors.
 Create one new thing to laugh about everyday"

Here I would like to introduce my funny buddies

Funny buddies are the two or three people whom you cooperate closely with to produce some of the best humour of the day.

My original funny buddies are back in Klang and India respectively and we make magic. Enough said
Pat, and Jes
And in Kedah, my funny team is made up of two girls called
Emily and Azie. They make class a bit more bearable. Azie is no longer in the same class but when the three of us do get together, there is LAUGHTER!

Me, azie, emily

"Every problem has a silver lining. Every problem. Find it and smile."

I admit, sometimes I do struggle with this myself. However I do believe in it 100%.

But one instance I do remember well, is when our LDV assignment was due.
It was group work.
Our lecturer was Pn. Ranjani Naidu whom I  love like But YOU DO NOT want to MESS WITH her

We finished it 20 minutes past the deadline.

And I remember thinking "the shit has definitely hit the fan"
"things can't get any worse!"

and we ran to the staffroom puffing, panting and LAUGHING all the way

I'd rather not repeat what took place after that,
but Pn. Ranjani doesn't hate us now

Okay people, thats all from me.
Go find something to laugh about



~dachosenone~ said...

joke aku ade dalam ni. nice. HAHA

lizamaria said...

lol ang la inspirasi untuk post nih...

Azie Haryanis said...

haha.. nice entry la..:)

lizamaria said...

haha thanks yoziee,..=D