Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year to you too

ARGHH.  My neck aches! That bus journey was indescribably horrible. So my seat was 10 c. That’s second last on the single aisle. That means you can’t lean your chair back an inch or the person at the back might break his knees.

My leg space was taken up by my bags AND there was no curtain on my end. I checked the whole bus. ONLY on my end. Plus, Transnasional buses have engineered their seats to tilt forward slightly. Try sleeping la.

Somehow I knocked off for most of the journey. And when I woke up we were already rumbling past paddy fields, (f.y.i) first sign you have reached Kedah.

The taxi guy I called was on time and soon enough I reached the metal gates of IPDA.

There were rumours that everyone would have to change rooms but I escaped and got back my little haven from 2009.

The rest of the day was just unpacking.

I seriously need to make new year’s resolutions.

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