Saturday, 8 January 2011

And the third decade begins

Hi all, it's been a pleasant 20 years, and tomorrow will mark the day I begin my third decade on earth. Okay that all sounded a bit 80-year-old, but it is grand to me. I mean 20 years man!

When I was 10 years old and younger, and if someone told me they were 20, I'd be like WHOAAA 20!!! thats like the coolest age to be...
I thought 20 year olds were awesome. So some of that spastic thinking has stuck with me, and I LOVE telling younger kids my age. of course I say "about twenty" after making them guess. haihhh, feels good.

Now that I am 20, (ngeeee) I realise, 20 year olds Dont have the world at their fingertips...
 In actual boring fact, if you're 20, you probably just have begun a degree course somewhere, are living away from family, being frugal with money and are either in or in between relationships. 

Recently, I told my younger sister Laura Ann to tell anyone who asks, that her sister (me) is not doing some teaching course, but Pursuing her degree in a TESL programme. Ding ding! that has a much better feel to it. 

Money is not a major problem so far. Some of the girls in my hostel buy stuff like their moving in for life! Clothes rack for drying their things, mini tables, iron, water kettle, rice cookers. Ohmygoshnoneedlaallthat.
If you step into my room on the other hand, its like I'll be staying for two days! nothing! except my clothes and laptop, mug, fork spoon. I used to have clothes pegs, but some one stole them..and I gave up on domesticities like that.

Relationship-wise, I have never been in one. Probably unthinkable to some, for a twenty year old, but I have never been comfortable with the idea, neither have I gone all out to impress anyone. But right now I am perfectly content with who I have as friends (boys and girls) and feel no need for that drama of being involved with someone.  ooookay moving on..

Academically, I am thankful for where I am now, all that I have achieved in the past ( Form 1-5) and just plain excited about all the opportunities and things I can do in the future. 

Okay thats my serba sedikit.
 BEHOLD the changing faces of..

1 year old with grandmother

7 years old with my presents for Christmas
I don't have any of my early teenage years on the computer, glad I don't anyway. HAHA

skipping to sixteen

At jes place for a sleepover I'm on the extreme left
messing around in school. in form four. I'm in the second row on the left

at Camp with pat and elizabeth. Im on the right

and 17

With pat after she shaved her head

and 18

with elizabeth at a party in jes place. Im on the right
with my brother before going to a wedding
with zaini and my horrible hairstyle in IPDA
with the girls at a class dinner

With Pat and Elizabeth at church. I'm in the middle

with Laura in a changing room!



~dachosenone~ said...

aku baru perasaan.dulu kenapa kau macam gelap sket ha?HAHA

lizamaria said...

haha! time tu ak kuat bersukan! =P

Lydia Chai said...

Why did ur fren Pat shaved her head? Fashion or? You looked different when you were 16 years old. I don't know where is weird but something is different between there and now. And you are really born naturally tall. You were so tall even at the age of 7 years old. I was probably around your shoulder or somewhere below some more when I was 7. Cute photos though.

lizamaria said...

I sorta dared her to after SPM. And we were walking in Jusco one day and happened to see a salon so she chopped it all off there!

Heres the differences, I was dark, bushy eyebrows, and no fringe. and round spectacles which I thought were very cool.

thanks Lydia=D

Lydia Chai said...

Hahaha.. I never heard of anybody saying that having round spectacles were cool.. Ha- Great thinking during those days.

I salute your friend. She is.. Brave. = = "