Sunday, 6 December 2009

Opening my eyes that morning, every morning is a challenge. I wonder momentarily if all newborn babies feel the same sense of annoyance....probably not...exactly. First, there is the getting used to the light...then, the painfully acute awareness of eye crust in the eye after I try to shut them, which makes me snap them open again, and as I slide my fingers to get the crust out, my eyes begin to water as they always do, but by then I'm awake.

The new bed I've inherited does not do much for my posture. The mattress sinks in the middle and i wake up to a horrible back ache. As Laura so clearly pointed out, I no longer lived here. My home is in Kedah and Klang, a sort of holiday-home, making me a guest. A year ago, my parents bought me a bed, solid wood not chipped. Since i moved to Kedah, this bed has been occupied by Laura Ann and this forces me to go for the old creaky one against the wall.

I check my phone for the time. 11.30pm. Crap, thats half the day gone. Wait, I have nothing to do. There are 17 steps that make up my staircase. I used to count it everyday when I was younger just to make sure it was 17. On the tenth step I realize i left my specs on the bed. It is moments like these that I wished we lived in a single-storey house.

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