Sunday, 6 December 2009

Im aliveee! *gruntss*

I'm home again and have a lot to do! For starters, driving...urgh it's more daunting than I expected...but I have to do it or I never will!!!...and then there is planning how I want to start out next year. NO I'm not missing IPDA...urgh, but I'm just looking forward to next year and all the activities we are going to do.

You know how everyone has A subject, something that they OWN or is their THING. I want it to be Literature. so I'm catching up on my reading now. Currently reading Jhumpa Lahiri's "The Namesake." I started Maugham's "of Human Bondage" but took a break reading that...heavy not to mention slow-moving and dreary stuff man!

hung out with them a lot as well!...hmm there was the mamak the other day, with Shalini, Elizabeth, and Mingke apart from the two bums i see almost on a daily basis. lol:p.

then there was Twilight with siblings, pat, jes and Darren. YAWNNNN for twilight though!...

Recently badminton with pat, jes, shalini, jes brother Ashok, yean may, yi chien, song and cindy. That was fun. Hadn't seen Yean May in ages...looking tan from all the games of volleyball she played..

In between, i attended two book fairs and one wedding. Quite busy huh!

NOT forgetting, my dental this thursday. Still have them on. the braces i mean.

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