Thursday, 10 December 2009


We met Alena today. Meeting up with Alena is always interesting, so its safe to say that today was a very interesting day. I would love to launch into the details of our meeting with her, but am afraid it will cause intolerable boredom on your part. I will however blog about my communicative skills. You see, today provided the perfect exhibit for me to look back on and reflect.

We WERE an odd party, I'll admit that. There was Alena, Viola, Aaron, Patricia, Jacinta, Marc (bro) and myself. This wasn't the usual group, and despite thinking that conversation would be forced the whole time,I was wrong. Why? different people whose current affairs we knew next to nothing about. It was easy as hell to ask Aaron what he was doing now, Viola how college was, and Alena what her plans were for next year. We ended up laughing a lot. After eating, Jacinta's cards saved the moment of blurness where we didn't know what to do with ourselves. KURAP was highly entertaining and we were laughing like crazy bums...

I noticed that before anyone can ask how I'm doing, I always ask the question first so that they have to do the talking. Immediately after they answer, I ask some other question that requires an explanation, so that again I escape..hehe...heh,...haih...idiot..

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