Thursday, 10 December 2009

Mentally challenging moments in IPDA

Like Dumbledore's pensieve, this is where I will extract some of my memories, little instances that I remember vividly and smile. =)

and ROFL excuse me if the way I type sounds hoity-toity..:P

I walk the length of my very quiet room. Emily is over at her grandmother's place for the weekend and the silence I am left with is deafening. I sit down on the bed and lean against the wall. I get up from my bed and shut down the laptop that has been playing songs for the past three hours. I sit on the floor and stare at the walls. In my head, I feel like vomiting and screaming at the same time. I get up and walk towards the door. Hearing screams outside makes me yank the door open. Nothing. No one. The distant screams come from somewhere on the ground floor. Peeking over the balcony, I see a group of girls sitting around on the badminton court below having a screeching time it seemed. Suddenly feeling stupid and alone, I retreat into my room.

My stomach growls. It is 8pm. The cafe would be buzzing with laughter and good humour. More importantly, it would be full of people. I frown angrily at the fact that there was no one to call down to eat with me.

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