Monday, 24 August 2009

holiday day four

i have temporarily abandoned my exercise-book-journal. and will blog my holidays online.

day two was mingkes birthday
day three- church and breakfast with pats family... and danny..

ahh it's been sooooo long since i had indian last..ghee thosai and milo panas. that was good.
the rest of the day was spent at home with my family, trimming plants, choosing books and magazines that i wanted to take back to kedah. facebooking, and blog-hopping..
day four- movie with yean may and bryan.

i love you beth cooper is such a sad pathetic attempt at a goodness, everytime theres a dialogue, you just want them to shut up....hayden wtv from hot thats it..

i removed and then fixed guitar strings for the first time!! without any tools!! thanks for your kepercayaan in me bryan. but too bad my self tuning was horribly WRONG...*yean may was distracting* heheh.

well good luck with learning, your fingers are going to hurt like S**T!!! but its soooooo worth it after you learn a song (though simple)

Raya jamming with pat and i

tomorrow i have to call this IPDA man and find out if the silly putrajaya thing is on or NOT....and make a re-appointment..with the dentist, then maybe go shopping with siblings...? heh

father wants to have a family thinking tom yam steamboat...phew..sweatng already...

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