Saturday, 22 August 2009


Klang at last. what an adventure.

when Putrajaya was cancelled, i thought i would just stay in Jitra. save myself the trouble of rushing to buy a probably sold out ticket to KL.

next morning i felt like going out, happened to go to the bus terminal, and there was a ticket for a bus leaving n twenty minutes, so i got on it. wohoo. THEN i told my father. my mother was so shocked when i appeared at the door, so that was good fun surprising her!! heheh.

next day, was mingke's bday surprise in Yean May's house.haha

as the guests arrived, no one noticed i was there.

exhibit A

alex and bryan walk in

im sitting on the couch

sitting and smiling

they walk straight into the kitchen as if the party is inside there. i'm still smiling.

three minutes later, AFTER jacinta MENTIONS IN PASSING that im here, i hear some screaming, and HAH?!?!?!?s
THEN the buffaloes run out into the hall, shouting that im unnoticeable , and no one would see me and im like wall flower. and i say yeah hi.....jeeez

exhibit B

mingke walks in, and everyone says happy birthday, and i wait for people to keep quiet to say happy birthday.

everyone: mingke!! happy birthday!! yea!! hahah

liza: haha yea happy birthday

mingke sits down looks around. (i think has a drink)

and doreen says, "whos beside me??"
and THEN she screams....jeeezz...i planned to blend in but not into oblivion...

well we played twister, people cheated of course, im not mentioning any names lah, thats not my style, but bryan was just trying to get revenge for penang i guess. sigh so i lost secara rela lah...

then we played this truth thing whre you drink if you;ve experienced what the speaker mentions.

ALEX: ive never been clubbing

if you have, you take a sip of the drink. then everyone knows you've been clubbing. no questions asked, but of course with certain questions, comes shock and lots of inquiries heheh. thats all im saying...

well my holidays have just begun!

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