Saturday, 11 July 2009

okay, i will say something before i leave this place. HOME. KLANG.

firstly, thanks for being such awesome friends. seriously.

okay let me start with little shits to everyone. XD


lol, i've never been more closer to anyone. prob because, we were stuck with each other from barbie dolls, to college! if theres anyone i'd go to for a guaranteed laugh it'd be YOU! damn girl...
you shocked the crap out of me when you got a boyfriend, lol!, but it turns out hes a cool guy, not to mention effing generous (U2 cd)....heh all the best to the both of you...dont ditch amamma bashes XD


whoa!!. superfemale, one heck of a friend. its such a pleasure knowing you and to think i didnt want to be your friend back in std four. is there anything you cant do the hell do you LIKE planning parties and stuff!!?!?!...but really THANK YOU from the bottom of my bloody heart, for taking the trouble to plan that farewell party thing. manja la you potty! haiyo gonna miss that lah! cheh..btw darren is a very nice guy. lol...he laughed at my jokes sometimes (charity, i dunno la)


OMG, the msg you sent me was so long, and full of memories that i have to keluarkan a few also lah. remember when you tried to push me in the drain in std two? HAHA of course you do. remember how you pat and i used to laugh at Meselah (spelling)? and remember how i started the fight between you and jes *unintentionally* XD, and remember how we sat next to each other every year of our secondary school life? lol! honestly couldnt imagine sitting with anyone else. wei! we've been together for so long i couldnt hate you even if i tried. btw, i couldnt have survived school without you. bloody hell you know everything, what homework, what meeting, what subjects, what exam was on the next day!....and i knew nuts. BFF

Liaw Yean May!

during school days i hardly talked to you! lol. but then i moved to college, and sad to say had NO friends!, and was friggin depressed. until *sound effect* you came along. cant really remember how it happened but you will never imagine how thankful i am for your friendship. man. thats when i really started to get to know you, and yean may, i know i talk alot of crap, and tease you continuously even though you start to get emo, but im seriously glad i got to know you. okay this sounds damn cliche la, damn cliche, but honestly, you made my HICT life, a bit more bearable!! XD. now you're going to help damansara, and im going to kedah, and we start all over again lah! can...

Sock Mun and Yi Theng

you both are ALWAYS together, i couldnt imagine writing separate parts. LOL. yea at first i didnt really know you both, all i know is Yi Theng never said a word! and Sock Mun TRIED to collect money from everyone!. in college also at first, we weren't thaat close, but then as time went by, started hanging out together and i know quite a lot about sock mun already, ahha coz i force/pressure you to tell me. XD thanks mun. and Yi Theng, is apparently sarcastic ONLINE!, time to talk like that also Yi Theng LIVE not ONLINE...haha will def miss you guys...

Bryan Lee

LOL, before college, i only knew you as the giant boy who was related to yean may somehow, who played futsal with us. but lol, i am grateful for both of your friendship ESPECIALLY during college!. talk cock partner, i still CANNOT friggin understand, why you are so physically violent with/to me in college. WTH man!?!?! and in the end sock mun calls it fighting! the word "basket" i learnt from you, oh well, it is nice knowing you afterall THAMBI (haha get it?...coz of your bloody huge thumb)

keep in touch ah everyone

leaving in six hours and i havnt started packing! what a retard.
okay need to sleep....

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