Friday, 12 June 2009

totally tc

i WAS studying bio at the dining table for approximately 10 minutes, till my father wanted to eat and kicked me out....

then i WAS doing my biology presentation, until......i minimised it and came here XD.

im always the last to post jack shite about my day, either yean may or sock mun beat me to it...everytime, plus they always seem to have pictures!...buggers

anyway go read about our funfilled day at taman rakyat....on may's blog
well all i can say is that it definitly exceeded expectations on all accounts!, we should do it more often!

tomorrow, we go for badminton, there is a long list of people coming, well, we'll see how that turns out,
But you'll prob read it on yean may's blog... way before i can press the power button on my computer *teng neng neng neng* start up tune*
then you'll go to sock muns blog and see the same pictures there and the same story ++jia chyi comments
and lastly you round off your blog hopping adventure with a pit stop at my BLOGG and ...and ....and ...nothing..coz i'll be busy discovering myself through quizzes

...ahh...feels good to TC.

this week in math i met up with some old "friends" --integration and differentiation! i totally forgot those two chicks! they're not hot at all!....(we promised to meet up again soon! and very often after that! ...) erhghhh looking forward gals!

okay i've just got a brainwave! next blog everyday (till i dunno when) is going to be about one person i know...starting from way back when...i was a little kid, but they must still be around in my life now!...
okay i'll start today with hmmm....danny!...we go wayyy back...when i was in tadika.

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