Thursday, 25 June 2009


the exams are over, and i've come out of it once again learning that you CANT study at the last minute.
maybe i'll remember it this time. XD

and damn! it didnt help that college was bloody messing with our heads. i mean was the test IMPORTANT or not? was it a test at all? or exam??or assesmet? or quiz?....ok definitely not quiz

TERM FINALS thats what it was called. wth!?

anyway. i thought i would be fairly excited today with math marking the END!. bt i wasnt. in fact it felt like just another day. probably because i KNEW i SCREWD my chem and physics....and bio

then after that, with shmuck talking rubbish no one cared about all day, we went for lunch in the miserable food court...*it was empty*...and we were joined by this thing, that really effed my mood up...

lump of lard thinks *IT* is damn big...aha... one huge dim bulb, full of gas!

then yean may wanted to go to the arcade, which i readily agreed thinking maybe my mood might take a turn for the better, even though arcades creep the hell outta me, dim smelly noisy seemingly underground....

so i went, and no matter how many games i played ( childish game, car game, bike game, and dance game).. i was pretty lifeless throughout, and found myself yearning to go home, to my family. but i did have fun sucking at the basketball game. couldnt stop

after that, *thanks yean may*....i finally went home.


i couldnt stay still for 5 seconds. NO clue what the hell was wrong with my emotions. lol XD. so i went to destress by shaping the bush outside, while listening to Busted.
msged pat, asked what she was up to....

and agreed to go biking.

WHOOPIE!...i'm waiting for pat to arrive, might as well queeze in a post.

and since, ive been receiving some negative feedback regarding my sense of humour, i've taken preliminary steps to get it back.
step 1. get grammar back on track... HAHA i miss grammar.

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