Sunday, 1 May 2016

Keeping Up the Charade: Accidental experience

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I regret to inform you that my ancient car met with an accident three weeks ago.  Although that is misleading and sounds as if it went off on its own and got banged up, I must clarify that I, Lizamaria drove it to its near death.
Leaving School
You see, how it all happened makes for a rather dull story. But I suppose one needs to hear the boring details to appreciate the anticlimactic end. I left school at approximately 6.55 pm, thoroughly looking forward to an additional two hours of tuition at the end of the working day. Really. I had set up my music on Spotify, tedious business with all the rubbish ads that come through, all because I refuse to pay RM2 for ad-free streaming. I started up the engine, put the car in reverse, and followed the daily after-school ritual. First, waved to the security guard aunty, then turned the corner, and glanced at the bus stop where a few students still remained waiting for their transport. I spotted the twins and smiled, waved at enthusiastic Timothy and continued straight ahead. I noticed a few other students from my class, but as soon as they caught my eye, some looked down at the ground or stared blankly ahead. At this point, I was too tired to feel offended. They probably were too. Dog tired.
The Roundabout

The lane ahead merges onto the main road where a huge and often busy roundabout awaits. As I approached, I joined what felt like a giant whirlpool as the roundabout swallowed me in. If you ask me, there are two main rules to join a roundabout; use outer lane if exiting next and utilize left signal light. Forgetting his signal, manners, road rules and sense, an idiot dashes across my path taking off my bumper in the process. I am in shock. All manage is a short gasp. Miraculously (for him) his car successfully makes the exit and he sails through. My situation on the other hand: not so smooth. I sat in shock for a few seconds processing what had happened. My phone was blasting the chorus to "Fast Car" (remix by Jonas Blue and Dakota). 
What No one Tells you
No one tells you these things; that bumpers can just fall off and fold beneath you, that you do not need to tow the car when this happens, that you do not need to panic, that a bumper fits in your back seat, that all of the above happen when you least expect it.
Thankfully two teachers stopped by on their way home, and gave me a hand. And in 5 minutes, the whole matter was resolved, and I was on my way to tuition class. Talk about anticlimatic

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