Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Making My Part-time Job sound awesome

Hello reader, recently I took on a small part time job at I-City and since I'm on break for 2 months, a lot of people ask me the same question.

Are you working anywhere? Are you doing anything part-time?

Therefore, it was crucial for me to make my shitty lifeless excuse of a job seem like a goldmine. 
And it's all in the wordplay. 

First of all let me explain my job

JOB DESCRIPTION: I was responsible for the CHECKING of tickets bought and admitting customers up into the museum.  
Note: *No brains required
At first I was determined to make people understand the nature of my job. 

"Oh yes, uncle I'm working now. I actually work at the checkpoint, that is to say I actually check tickets. No not as important as selling the tickets, I just check them, and wave the customers through. Like at the cinema, where school drop-outs are sometimes employed, yes like that. no we don't even have to think, we just scan the tickets and make sure they're valid. No, we don't have to say anything, and there are no social skills required. I basically make sure the kids are kids and adults are adults. I only make rm800"

Then I realised, my shitty lifeless excuse of a job was getting too much of a review. I was achieving nothing, except tut tuts of disappointment and polite smiles.

 So instead I rephrased

"yes uncle, I agreed to greet customers for 12 days for nearly a thousand ringgit" 

okay that might be stretching it

"Yes, uncle I'm working at a wax museum." Oh about RM800 plus" Oh I do nothing" 

or my favourite.

"Yes uncle, I'm working. Im being paid Rm 800 to smile at people." 

KACHINGG! $$ no further questions~

Try it yourself! lol 

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Wenny said...

This explains words are powerful tools. With a little twist, the job description sounded less negative. :)