Friday, 6 July 2012

The Savio Inspired Epiphany

Hello, thanks for stopping by. 

Here's something I recently thought about. 

I strongly believe that if a person has the exposure to all age groups at all times as he/ she goes through life, then he/ she will be infinitely more socially competent then those who only mix with their own age groups. 

no no no. Trust me, I come from the latter category, who has spent twenty years of my life, steadfastly avoiding getting caught in conversation with the "dull grownups", and always keeping a safe distance from "boring creepy little kids", such a safe distance in fact, that, whenever I face a random kid along the way, I never know what to say! I end up being the creepy one!

As for the older folk, while many of my peers J. Lo, Pat, Emily, Elizabeth effortlessly seemed to tackle small talk with aunties and uncles, I never mastered the art of going beyond "hello aunty". Somewhere along the line, I get a nervous breakdown and start looking for ways to end the conversation. When I was just a little mother taught me to answer politely when uncles ask me, "how is school?" or "How are the holidays" but I STILL do only that! Worrying much?
And on a scarier note, I believe grownups find ME boring. 

Babies? Phobia. Might break them.  

But toss me in that comfort zone of people my own age, and I'll lazily feed of that careless young energy, not much effort needed. Talk about anything, or say nothing, it doesn't matter really. Since the awkward silence doesn't exist, no thinking is required. 

And so in the wisest self criticising Yoda tone I can muster, "Change I must" "or more scarily dysfunctional life will get"...ooohhh
So who did succeed in bringing a much needed smile on my face recently. No it probably isn't you, reader, coz this guy can't even say the whole alphabet yet!

that's Matthias Savio Lopez, more fondly known as Savio. And I know Jes and Justina (his mom) will roll their eyes and say what I saw and fell in love with was only a preview of this little rascal; who can really wear you down and out with his perpetually charged impishness (so well hidden by that adorable heart melting grin!)

I think I spent about half an hour, playing ring around the roses, scribbling and hoop assembling with this kid, and I realized that his impenetrable bubble of happiness and screaming giggles were infectious. There is something to be said about being around carefree children; you actually feel lighter and lose all that "dead weight" in your head. Glorious! 

So, enough babbling but capitalizing on this Savio inspired epiphany, I think I'm going to make a conscious effort to change and mingle at least with the senior generation and those monkeys disguised as little kids before I become the gray-wallpaper aunty everyone's always avoiding...erghh.