Thursday, 5 January 2012

Pooh squasher and Pup hater

Hello everyone, I hope you're not in the midst of examinations. If you are, take a break!

So I haven't mentioned it here, but we err...have...taken in...another puppy. The word 'got' implies that we obtained it through legitimate means but it was more like this....

and then we had Midnight!

now here are some real pictures of her.

first depressing day

eats lying down. can you beat that ?!

quite content sleeping with Lexy..
She is three months old. And yes, I felt bad for taking her away from her mum, and siblings, but they have visitation rights now she has LEXy, and my siblings!

Apparently, she sneaked in the house and pooped on the carpet. Yikes....wonder what my mother said?!

But Laura Ann (sister) has gotten quite responsible with cleaning up after her.

My mum leaves the gate open once in a while, and today, my dad saw Midnight (puppy's name) taking a leak OUTSIDE! yay!! smart little doggy. Anyway, next appointment at the vet is on the 30th. I'll be back by then so, no worries Laura!


Wenny said...

Hey Liza, Midnight looks cute! I love the colour of her fur and her tiny floppy ears. HAha.

lizamaria said...

wei wen, i love its ears too! hope they stay floppyyyy...=)