Sunday, 14 August 2011


If this post takes a long time to load, I'm sorry but I put in a lot of drawings to help depict everything so you can understand better. 

NOw, where was I?

 While most of my peers were really and truly enjoying their holidays; travelling to Europe, vacationing at the beach and eating pretty much anything they wanted or in other words shake legs or in other words goyang kaki, I decided to become a slave.

But since slavery was a new experience, at first I was a happy slave...

But I have never been able to handle doing the same thing for long periods of time....and after a while I started off on a downward spiral of self loathing, and immense pity and hatred of life.

I felt trapped and the world could see me but no one would help me.
Okay maybe that was when I tripped in the display window, and people stared

BUT became a shitty life...

I also suffer from very very mild autism....and must sit in the same spot for my break everyday. The bench outside on Niichi. If someone else sits there....i get paranoidd...people might be looking, I'll never be able to eat, they STOLE my spot....

But Then Life Got Better...


NUMBER 1. I made some pretty awesome friends at work. Nurul and Yongfei, Fard, Izzat, Kahfai, Siew ying, Hui shien, Anas and Bernard, and Ai Kee!. they made life bearable la.

NUMBER 2 Frequent visits from my friends HAHA. Jes, Pat and Eliz, Evon, Azah came by more than once to have a word, or criticize the jeans. Lol.

NUMBER 3  a huge sense of fulfillment that accompanies  when I recommend a jeans type or take someone's measurements and they're happy with what they've tried on. 

and NUMBER 4 .