Friday, 22 July 2011

For those who are mildly curious...and easily smile

I've done so many cool things recently I can't believe no one knows this! OMG!...oookayyy spastic movement....moving on...

Right where do I start!?!?!


All-Terrain Vehicles.

two syllables AWE- SOME....
nearly rode off a cliff, and I got bitten by leeches but it was still AWE-SOME.

Next, friends at work..

friends at home...

Work Work Work...

More funn

Laser Tagging!!!

This was more awesome than ATV because there was a much reduced chance of one literally dying. 
deactivation is the ultimate downer...


Hari Kantin!!
nothing beats revisiting the Hectic Lameness of juniors of your Old School. 



photos will be uploaded
that was the most awesome experience of the week.....month.....year....LIFE..
coz it was freeeeeeeeee HAHA..

More friends at work

Savio's 1st Birthday Party

the little gundu is growing up

For those who don't know, Matthias Savio Lopez is Jes' nephew/godson

we took in some helium from the balloons after the party...*hehehehe*

I hate

"To be continued..."
so I'm going to finish this even though my battery is lowww...

Friends from college 

Correction: Friend from college. Meet Joey. 

Arief came down will be uploaded soon...=))


PLENTY of MAMAK and KOPITIAM hang outsss

thats all for now!

Till the next time...on PArdon The Language. =DD

Monday, 4 July 2011

Life and Transformers...

Right where am I in this life now? Let's see, we've covered my job. Complicated aspects of the job.

Well it just got a little bit more complicated. I just learnt that I have to sew!

with a sewing MACHINE!

okay I get holes in my tracksuit....that I CAN repair...

My Sewing skills
But now, when customers want their jeans altered, if its too long.....I have to cut and sew the ends....

what I have to go through
Think twice before working in a jeans shop okay!

I think the safest is a bag shop. No hunting for sizes. no sewing. No fuss! 

Dream job
Anywayy...I have strayed from what I wanted to tell you.

Which is...the fact that the sewing machine in Levis is a DECEPTICON 
and hence it is Evil.....well... you know.