Monday, 4 July 2011

Life and Transformers...

Right where am I in this life now? Let's see, we've covered my job. Complicated aspects of the job.

Well it just got a little bit more complicated. I just learnt that I have to sew!

with a sewing MACHINE!

okay I get holes in my tracksuit....that I CAN repair...

My Sewing skills
But now, when customers want their jeans altered, if its too long.....I have to cut and sew the ends....

what I have to go through
Think twice before working in a jeans shop okay!

I think the safest is a bag shop. No hunting for sizes. no sewing. No fuss! 

Dream job
Anywayy...I have strayed from what I wanted to tell you.

Which is...the fact that the sewing machine in Levis is a DECEPTICON 
and hence it is Evil.....well... you know.


Lydia Chai said...

what is decepticon? @@ such word in English?

lizamaria said...

you must watch transformers....its the evil robots...