Sunday, 15 May 2011

When Liza Hits the Road!

"You've gotta just do it. Force yourself or you're not gonna get anywhere"
                                                                                Jacinta M. Lopez

 Hello everybody, my hair smells burnt, probably due to all that straightening. Boo hoo.

Anyway my friend Jes recently took some time off to give me a few much needed driving lessons.

Before that, I had been crawling around my block at 10km/h and I thought I was making excellent progress!

“How long are you gonna go round the same houses?”

I dunno.

“Okay I’m taking you driving”

So off we the big and scary world of .....


Bring it  on!!

You Smart You Swerve...

Sometimes as I looked down and stared at my retarded gear stick that refused to change....drove into the lalang fields...jes screamed at me

As I came to a stop in the middle of the busiest junction in town, my car engine would pass away peacefully ...others HONKED at me.

Drove on gear 4 with a speed of 20km/h....others zoomed past me...

Nearly killed a man and daughter.....I smiled and waved....

haha love this... no disrespect

                              Manual Mayhem!!!

I guess its going to be a while before I can wind my screen down and say...

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