Saturday, 14 May 2011

I went Jobbing...

Hello everybody. I live in the attic now.

Anyway since I was kindly given FOUR months by the government to bum away, I gratefully decided to work.

In order to work you have to LOOK for a job.

In order to LOOK for a job, you have to GET OVER your schizophrenic rejectophobia *fear of rejection*, a condition I was blessed with at birth.

This is how my brain functioned.

 mussssT get JOBBBB, or people will think I be A LOSERRRr

So I go to Jusco in the hopes of SCORING a job!

You know... before you do something or go for a function, you always sort of imagine how it will turn out, and then it never quite turns out the way you envisioned.

This is what I imagined before..

 But this is what happened.

haih. I'm not saying that the girl was racist or anything, she was just doing her job. But I'm sure there's a proper way of doing and saying things..

so I went home...dejected...sad...useless...bummed... 

And what did people say?!...

"its okay lizz. Try again"
                   - papa

"oh noo..why couldn't you?"

"Haha kene reject"
                 -arif ruzlan

"Ko terlalu hodoh kot"
                 -arifuddin awang

"Why Jusco? Go teach tuition!"

I tried again the next day, told a BUNCh of lies  untruths and got a job in LEVIS JEANS..

woot woot.


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