Sunday, 29 May 2011

Smiling is contagious

Have you heard that before? When you smile at someone, it is nearly impossible for that person to frown back at you. In fact, he will most likely smile in return....unless he was in the middle of a divorce or something like that....

Standing for 6 hours straight can get very boring and sometimes induce suicidal thoughts...but that’s just my job.

For those of you who don’t know, I recently hooked up with Levis jeans part time as a sales assistant

At times, when there are no more jeans left to fold, all a sales girl can do is stand and wait for customers.

And this is when you practice smiling.

occasional harajuku chicks.
In a day about 500 people pass by our Levis store; old people, families, kids, couples, Harajuku chicks, =.=, people going to the gym, friends, cleaner ladies, karats, workers, and crazy people.
old people

Family outing

 And something they’re all capable of doing is smiling.

So I smile at every one of them because it’s free AND because I hate passing by a shop and seeing bored sales assistants staring into space...

So how many smile back?

Have you ever had a random person smile at you? Do you smile back?

As a sales assistant I have become that random person.

For some people it’s a bit weird, and I get the raised eyebrow a lot or the are-you-looking-at-me look....theres also the completely nonexistent-smile look....

But for some, its so simple to smile or grin back...and no I’m not talking about the karats...

Standard Karat Smile

A lot of times my friends at work ask “oh you know her issit?”
me: "No I don’t. She knows how to smile that’s all."

 So the next time you see a normal looking person on the street, 
donate a smile today!...god knows the world needs to smile more.


Andy said...

Hi liza! I am also from a customer service related job and SMILING is our first greetings to our made their day..hope to see you following my blog too..^^

emily tina said...

hey!gud one! hehehehhe..and i know u!
u always smile....
and i know it's good!
so keep up the effort..and try sticking a note 'PLEASE SMILE' on ur forehead when ur done folding those jeans..ehehhehe =p