Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Rejected

Okay here’s the absolute, plain and simple truth. I am LOVING the fact that IPDA are excusing us from all of their activities. Of course the word they might choose is “EXCLUDING” instead of “excusing”...but...whatever..

And it all started when UPSI invited us over to their campus for orientation. When IPDA heard about it, they were furious (hyperbole). We were called big headed and “tunjuk perangai” behind our backs which creates the impression that we’re arrogant little punks, which we ARE NOT of course, in fact as people, we get along with students from other courses just fine.

 Today we had our GRP (Gotong royong It’s an annual affair that my course mates and I have gotten used to. We had it in 2009, we had it in 2010. . I must say, we came all semangat in our PJ attire, however this year since IPDA has rejected its one litter of puppies (the B.ED TESL) group, we didn’t get a plot to clean. Oh well, more free time for us.

We are also not invited to join in the Annual Sports Day. Okay this one, I’m a bit bummed out about because, I actually enjoy sports day. =S oh well.

DO NOT have to go for the all important BIG camp (Bina Insane Insan Guru) haha, which is just a lot of paperwork, camping on campus and talks...

Who knows what else we’ll have to miss out on.

Ooh and here’s the other thing, since we’re marked as UPSI students, we follow UPSI’s academic calendar. That means, we get a four month break starting in May but until then classes as usual.

The rest of college get off in March for a week...jealous much?? NOT at all actually.


NO. 1 its just one week.

No.2 what are the chances of getting ANY studying/ revision done then? (nothing in my case)

No.3  I hate buying bus tickets and the whole travelling process.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going back home, but we really do have a lot of work to get done, especially group work type of things.

N0.4  The library will be open here.

so its okay, you go on home. We'll be just fine here. 


liyana said...

hahaha~ enjoy ipda sis. sorry we're not there to protect you (our beloved juniors) but we know you'll be fine without us.

lizamaria said...

...yeah we'll try to, definitely miss having seniors around to go through this sama2... thanks for the confidence in us!