Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pink Reeboks

This is dedicated to some of my mates.

You know what I think? All of you people

On the other side of the cardboard wall..

I think the one and a half years we had is like

is like 

ciplak super glue

you know the one that costs 3.50 at yawata. 

But don't worry I'll try to fix this shoe.

I'm trying to find real glue here

the one that costs more than 3.50 

but I can't do it by myself man

You've gotta help too. 

This is my favourite pair of Reeboks man

But only the strong parts will remain

glued together

with us 

on the other side of the cardboard wall.

The rest will fall apart

and we won't miss you. . . .

But I wont get to feel my Reeboks again

To walk everywhere in them

With them..

Instead I’ll get a brand new pair of slipar jamban

And we’ll get along fine

But you know what

It’ll never be the same

Because a girl always remembers her first pair of Reeboks

Tee Hee


Lydia Chai said...

Poem? Cool.

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