Friday, 14 January 2011

Guilty of neglect!

 I am guilty of neglecting Laura Ann. My little (form 4) sister. She entered the debate competition just like I did when I was her age, and just like in my case, my mother said she shouldn’t get involved in all this. But I think it’s very good for her to get exposed to debating because it boosts confidence, builds character and ultimately makes you a better and more objective thinker. So go Laura!

When I was debating, I had no elder sister to look to for help therefore we planned everything by ourselves. Teammates were none other than Jacinta Lopez and Elizabeth Hendroff. haha(good times).

But in little Laura’s eyes, chechi is there! Thank goodness! (chechi is elder sister in Malayalam)

So she rang me up and I asked her to get her team mates together to discuss their points and roles (for heaven sakes). I told her the role as 1st speaker. I had an idea of what she could say, but I didn’t want to tell her exactly how to say it because I wanted her to do some work as well.   

And at 11pm, we were discussing her point (debate the next day). Then I mentioned that she would have to take the reply speech. And she was like WHATTT IS THAATT???? She told me to stay awake and she would call later after writing out her point.

But I slept

And the next day I saw two heartbreaking messages “chechi you sleeping?’
And “chechi! how to do reply speech?!”
She can’t call me because Maxis is stooopid.
Sorry Laura. Hopefully, there won’t be reply speeches.

Living with a mirror the size of a tennis ball

Yes, the main reflective surface in my room is my compact mirror, which comes with powder.
Thinking about it now, its damn pathetic right? 

 I hate getting stuff like mirrors because there won’t be a permanent place that it can be. Every time I use it, I'll have to put it away. So, no. My roommate hung hers and whenever she needs to look at it, the mirror will be swinging in the wind and annoying the crap out of anyone. 

A compact mirror forces you to look at every detail closely, lol, because only one part of your face can be seen at any one time. HAHA

Okay where the hell am I going with this post?
~change of direction~

My cat caught a rat! Go Kachinggg
And we’re shifting house soon! So far, we’ve got a new dining table set. I’ll post up pictures of the new place when I get some. =D

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