Sunday, 3 October 2010

Zainy and the search of the epic poem

okay, A week ago, our Literature teacher asked us pick a poem on nature and present everything about it in class. pair work.
 my partner was none other than Mr. Zaini Ismail
for those of you who dont know Zaini, these are the many faces of the monkey

anyway, we chose a  simple poem called grass
liza:    hey grass looks nice
zaini:  okay whatever, you choose
liza:    okay grass
zaini:  ok
liza :   ok set
*log out of messgr*

the next day, the first two groups came up with deep long poems, 
i felt that grass was a bit trivial to be discussed in depth
liza:    wey, ours is like lame
zaini:  hahaha hehehe, tu lah
liza:    lets change
zaini:  kita tukar!
liza:    yea! tukar!
zaini:  okay tukar!
liza:    yea!
*log out of messgr*
the next day, zainy forgot about it, i forgot about 7.00pm, i remembered! and tried to contact zainy.
tried to contact
zainy did not pick up the phone
did not reply the mssgs
no one knew where this boy went
so i thought he passed away in an accident
and was lying in a drain somewhere, 
when suddenly
*buuzz buzz*
liza:    hoi bodo! ang kat mana!??!
           ak punyalah takut!
zainy: ahaha ad keje skit
liza:    ok how now?
we agreed to meet at the settle this.

the poem we chose was 
Nature, the gentlest mother is by emily dickinson
finished the slides at 1am!!..

next day, 
*jeng jeng jeng*

azie:  liza mtk tolong skit...camne point of view?
liza:   bg contoh line dari poem ko
azie:  nature *bla bla bla* gentlest bla bla mother is
liza:   ape?!?!???!! ko wat poem tu??
azie:  a'ah. ape s..
liza:   ak pownn!!!

long story short, I came to class, told zainy

zainy:  yee ker!!!
liza:     ya
I felt like this

liza:    kk nvm we do something new
zaini:  yea kita tukar!
liza:    yea tukar!
zaini:   yea!
liza:    ok da cukup

in the end we chose
"the war against the trees" 
which no one else was doing!!!
and presented it on sunday evening

but some of my classmates were sleeping during our presentation
i cant really blame them
it was 4.30 pm...our poem was so loongggg
and there was air cond.


oh and emo monkey tried to steal my earplugs! bad monkey!

Arif Ruzlan also said he would play tennis...but later, when I was ALREADY at the court, smsed saying he wanted to "watch football lah"
simple bodo excuse...
so i played with Haryanis Sharapova

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