Thursday, 28 October 2010

Lose yourself EMINEM

Hello Reader,
Are you on the brink of exams as well? Coming here for some mental relief? okay. We're in the same sampan.

My version of Lose yourself by Eminem

Palms are itchy,
Knees ache,
Arms are hairy,
There's sweat on on her sweater already,
Cold and clammy
She's nervous but on the surface she looks calm and ready
to hit balls
But she keeps on forgetting what she she learnt now
the whole crowd watches now
she lifts up her arm
but the ball drops right down
She's choking now
everybody's joking now,
the clocks run out,
40- love over

Snap back to reality
OP there goes gravity UP there goes gravity
choke she's so mad
but she wont
give up up that easy...

Kay lah the rest dont fit with the song

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