Friday, 8 October 2010


From the time I was born, till about 15 years of age, I grew up under the day care of an Indonesian maid. Both my parents worked and there was no one to look after the five of us at home.


Anyway, we were made to call our maid "kakak"...

This is why, even when I went to school, I thought "kakak" meant maid....which led to a few complications

Looking back now, I can't believe how rude we were to kakak Zainab when we were young.

Liza: awak! Saya mahu milo!

Marc: Awak! saya mahu roti dengan kaya!

Marlene: saya mahu nugget!

Kakak Jenab: ya ya ....tengok kakak tengah cuci kamar mandi ini..sekejep

Liza: awak! Cepatlahhh!!!

I don't know why we called her awak and sometimes kamu or engkau. Those were the pronouns I learnt in school I guess. Plus, I was an idiot brat with no manners. Her life was probably miserable.

I remember her going back to Indonesia for the holidays and she came back with sooo many doughnuts that she made.

we watched pokemon and ate them all on the first day!

My elder brother who already was in standard 6 told us to stop calling her awak and start calling her kakak Jainab or just "kakak"

We thought that would be so weird!

But my brother said it was the correct way, he learnt in school, so we started

I stopped asking her to make stuff for me unless it was something to cook


Liza : kakak, boleh bikin maggi mee?

Kakak: nung, mummy udah suruh buat nasi. Lisa udah tanya mummy belom

Liza: sudah! Belom la belom la. dia akan cakap tak boleh. Saya tak mau nasi dan ikan

Kakak: adu coba dulu nung, kalo tak suka, kakak bikinin apa saja yang lisa mahu

Liza: okay..=(


I learnt a lot of Indonesian vocab from her, and she picked up quite a few English words from us

Shoe- spatu
Bicycle- sepeda
Sepray- bed sheets
Naughty- bandel
Buket- ember
Yesterday- kemarin
Drawer- laci
Towel- handuk
When I was 15, kakak Jainab had been struggling with knee pains and she was already 50 years old. Running around the house wasn't so easy anymore. My mother also wanted us to grow up, so we said our last goodbye to kakak. I cried!

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