Friday, 24 July 2009

Ouch man! Homesickness hit me hard.

maybe it wasn’t such a brilliant idea to go out everyday with friends leading up to the day I left.

The first night, after orientation at about 12.ooam, we went back to our rooms, which I had to clean and then unpack into while dead tired, and my thoughts kept coming back to klang. Which is fine. Only I kept tearing. Definitely a new experience for me. Breaking down everytime I thought of my family, the water gun fight!, last breakfast with friends, saying bye to them, then I caught a glimpse of the penang hill brochure and broke down again.

When I finally gathered myself together, I looked into my dirty smelly torn (but rugged) nike backpack and saw the sunway lagoon brochure. ARGHH! Started lah again. Never gonna enjoy that shit again!!

I was thinking (worriedly), shit is this gonna happen everyday? Everytime I think of anything related to home? For how BLOODY long??

The second night was worse; I kept tearing during the bloody taklimats, feeling sorry for myself and asking myself WHY THE EFF I joined the programme?? Lol! At the back of my mind by brain was already planning to call mom and dad ask them to take me home, since they themselves said try it first only. Then I thought of all the others there, a lot from Sarawak and sabah, could only go back like once a year because flights were so expensive. Yet here they were enjoying themselves. Anyway while all this was running through my head, the guy giving the taklimat reached the part where if you want to withdraw you have to pay RM31,000 for breaching the contract or some shit. So yea…no..


FROM Klang

Msged yean may who told me she was friggin bored, but they had internet, and yi chien was going to pick her up later to go to megamall!....i told her we were walking to the pekan later…

Messaged bryan while lining up and listening to the idiots give a speech. Bryan is ALONE and eats lunch in the toilet by himself. if someone reads this, please help…

Marc and marlene messaged. Ahhh…I VENTED like crazy. They were replies FULL of profanities regarding everything.

That afternoon we met our mentor, which is like a class teacher. And she was so nice it was unbelievable. AND she speaks English, not the half baked half in malay. Bear in mind I hadn’t even registered at the time, because everybody kept saying “oh okay..kamu ermm buat tomorrow lah”. But my mentor even offered to Photostat jack for me! Yay very nice lady. She said we’re in the TESL programme. But I dunno. Apparently its damn fun! Though there are going to be numerous assignments if you like it, you’ll have the time of your life!

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