Thursday, 2 July 2009


well, since both my blog buddies came on this holiday with me, there is obviously going to be some freakishly similar bum- high-blogging going on and yes as i mentioned before, theirs will definitely come WITH pictures,

but HOLD THT MOUSE! if you want to hear the REAL RAW DEAL of what took place there, you've come to the right spot!...blogspot i mean....

its friggin hard (with all you comedy loving bugs) but im goin to try to make this an enjoyable read.

i hated the bus journey so lets not go there but i will say this, i HATE sleeping throughout the journey, because i feel like i am missing out on something big!..O.o i dont know what. so i stare out the window for as long as possible,

THREE times i considered jerking yean may awake to tell her i saw a volcanoe, dinosaur, or huge something,
three times i restrained myself.

She might have gotten angry.

after two hours of staring at trees, i tried to stare at the sun (yes the journey was already f**king with my senses) and i started seeing coulourful spots, so i glanced away.

this is me trying to overdramatise the whole silly bus ride, but i'll stop now and save the excitement for later...

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