Friday, 6 February 2009

Packing on the pounds

Once, I was slim and Pat was skinny.


Pat told me that she would love to put on some weight. I said...reacting as every friend would, when a friend wants to commit suicide, NO!...X not cool not the way to go!!

Pat went to Australia, and put on 10kg. It showed on her face. She told me she was happy, but when her mum mentioned it, pat got angry. Go figure. Pat cycles and does yoga now.

I slept, and woke up the next year.

 15 kg heavier.


My mother had to tell me, because, I didn’t really notice.”

 Your thighs are getting big”...sorry it was more along the lines of “you’ve got elephant-thigh-tis”...daimmmmnnnnn.

Marc (tapeworm infested runt) and Laura agreed vehemently...Marlene tried to be supportive.

I wish I could say I now do 5km every day after the gym, but I have absolutely no right to claim that statement....SHITTAKE.....

I do enjoy doing the hoola hoop while listening to music, reading, or watching telly. It’s a slow and painstaking battle.

Hang on.....I am NOT obese, cause it was starting to sound like I was

Nor am I overweight

Or for that matter fat

BUT I’m sure as hell not healthy.....



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