Friday, 6 February 2009

Daft me I decided to go out to my friend J's place. She, by the way lives just around the corner from where I do. Anyway I managed to drag my cousin P along with me.

 We ended up watching a movie because for J "let’s go for a walk" meant "lets eat fruit cake and watch Enchanted"

My curfew was and is still thank goodness 7 o'clock for evening strolls, and it was seven thirty. We watched enchanted which is sooo weirdly overrated. How could a movie like that be a phenomenon in the U.K???

aaah..aaaah..aaaaaah..ahaa(the tune she sings to call the rodents and pigeons)


        P had cycled over and J said her brother, J, would send us back. (ok f*ck it this is getting annoying).


        So I said I would be back at 8.


 At eight exactly, Jacinta convinced us to play a game of dice, much to Pat’s excitement. I, daftly agreed...thinking.....not thinking....


        Little did I know a storm was brewing at home. Mother just worried, but FATHER got angry. Oh nooo...I never even stopped to think..


Then later Joey joined in, so we couldn’t ask him to send us home then. Pat said we had to get on his good side, or he would be very sarcastically grumpy about it.


And I must admit, the game was very the fun!!


And then...the clock struck eleven................................ but I didn’t hear it....curses...


Then my phone rang, praying it was mother, knowing it was father, I glanced at the screen. 

SHITTAKE!!!!@!#$@#.....i was right...



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