Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lau Puts her Foot Down

Now and again, Lau (not real name) coins a new nickname symbolizing my relationship status and at the moment it was single-since-birth- Liza. On dating, she said she wouldn't allow me to date just anyone. He would have to be smart, speak good English (whatever that was) and come from Subang (eye roll).

Now, normally Lau's shallow ideals would have me snorting with laughter, but suddenly I began to wonder where my list was. By "LIST" I meant where on earth had I chucked the MY-FUTURE-HUSBAND section in the notebook? Lau was right in a sense; I couldn't welcome just any Tom Dick or Harry who showed interest with no walls up at all, not even a baggage check. I had to have something in mind.

And so I began the process of  listing down the things that I prioritize in the opposite sex.

I used to think that "making me laugh" was enough for someone to qualify. I mean what else could you want?

But I quickly realized that if people asked me "Oh how did you know he was the one?"
 my answer would seem really silly.

Instead I'm going to edit that and say he has to have a sense of humour.

Having a good sense of humour is more than just being able to crack jokes. It is being able to see the light side of things, it's being able to smile, not frown, at silliness. It's being able to tolerate when your other half is being intolerable.

And one other thing, I think I needed someone who didn't think women were second to men in the sense that it would be a huge blow to their ego if a woman wanted to drive instead, or god forbid  a woman gave a suggestion on why something was wrong with the car. Or a person who expected (without discussion) that a woman play certain roles that society has deemed acceptable for our gender. I'd go crazy...and beat him with a rolling pin or pull his hair out. *cough* right...anyway. I swear I'm nice in general.  

Apart from these two things, it depends on who I meet I guess. I mean I can't be setting up 101 road blocks in the form of height, weight and hip width can I. That's weird, plus, I'm too flawed to expect perfection. Haw haw

The see-saw is the least fun playground toy to play on alone
You always need someone on the other end to send you up when you're down, and bring down to earth, when you're too high up.  *quotable quotes much*

Everyone needs some ideals or principles that are important. NOT a cut out mold that someone should magically fit into. Have you thought of yours yet?