Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Silly Secret

It's about time you knew.

When I was 13, we had a class pet...well pets actually. Two terrapins to be exact. And over the weekend, I was on take home duty.

I woke up on Sunday morning to discover that one of the absolutely boring silent dull uninspiring creatures was missing! Naturally I blamed my younger brother. He must have, at the dead of night, taken one out, trampled it to death and then disposed of the body in the pond. It made complete and perfect sense at the time. So I beat him up..

But I was still one terrapin short!

First I must explain, that to me, the terrapins looked EXACTLY alike
My untrained eyes saw nothing to tell them apart.
Two peas in a pod, identical, mirror image...yeah you get the picture

So trying to deal with my state of panic (and to stop me hitting my brother), my dad suggested that I get one from the pet store and then explain to my friends how I misplaced one terrapin. 

At first I was horrified! EXPLAIN HOW I KILLED AN ANIMAL? EXPLAIN? to Dhanya, Jes, Shalz and the rest of the animal freaks lovers how the terrapin they had been playing with speaking to and measuring everyday was most probably in a drain somewhere? No. No thank you.

I might as well stop going to school.

But I was okay with buying a new one....that was GENIUS

So we headed to the Simpang Lima pet store and bought a terrapin.
Guess what... it looked like this...


So I was happy enough. Going to school I was so smug feeling like I HAD FOOLED THE WORLD

The next morning at school,  I placed them in that annoying brown ceramic bowl outside the classroom, and casually tossed a leaf over one of them, I already couldn't tell which was the pretender.

By recess Dhanya knew there was something wrong.

I overheard them discussing it outside class...

Dhanya: "If you look closely at this green color patch on the underside of it's left front toe, it's definitely different"

Jes and Shalini: "Hey omg ya! so totally different.."

Dhanya: "YA even the head is protruding at a slightly different angle from its normal, and its not usually this shy right??"

Jes and Shalini:  "Hey omg ya! so totally different.."

Dhanya: "And if you observe the thickness of the shell *takes out calipers* and its overall diameter, it's smaller by 0.000000000001 mm., I swear something is wrong"

Jes and Shalini: "Hey omg ya! so different"



another scary thought

So I rearranged face to resemble something of a poker face.


and more people got involved, and started swearing they saw differences, (yeah right)

And as unconvinced as they were, they couldn't bring themselves to call my bluff, so they were just SO PUZZLED and UNSATISFIED

I hope this story provides some very belated closure that you all have needed. I lost the terrapin. and you were right. I suck.

BUT BUT just know that it went missing, and there is still hope. those things live forever right...we'll light a candle and it'll show up some day ...with a family of it's own. THis is a HAPPY ENDING.

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