Friday, 25 May 2012

Why me? Why now? Why Chicken Pox?

The way I imagined chicken pox

What i think I look like now. 

What I really look like 

Day 1

I have chicken pox fluid filled blisters all over my body, in my nostrils, in my ears all over my scalp and inside my throat.

Of course this isn't really day one. I would probably have gotten it a week ago. But this is full fledged day 1
I feel like shrek.
My face has developed huge red bumps all around the eyebrows, on my nose and cheeks, and around my mouth, yep I think that covers the whole face.
It started with what I thought was extremely itchy back acne. Not even suspecting chicken pox, I scratched and scratched and it felt so good!. It was my back so I couldn't see what was going on back there. HAHA.

And i had sudden fevers and felt really fatigued. but the fever and tiredness would go away after I took paracetamol.

It was on thursday that I started feeling an itch all over my body, not just the back but certain spots on my tummy as well. then I became conscious that I was scratching my arms, so I joked to Azie saying "hey you think I've got chicken pox/" (I don't know why it seemed so unbelievable).

Azie took it seriously and said yeah maybe...

I said CHOY! *touch wood*

later that evening (full day of classes) I was itchy in more spots. The fever had caught on again and I felt so weak and cold.

When I got home, and ripped my clothes off to get a closer look (I thought a thousand mosquitoes bit me!!) There were liquid filled bumps all over my tummy and chest, and back.

Emily drove me to the clinic and the doctors confirmed it.

On the way back I cried.
 I cried because more than anything else in the world I wanted to act in front of a 500 people full theater
I cried because I worked so hard the whole semester living my dream of acting in an awesome production.
I cried because now, some of my friends who bought tickets only to support me, wouldn't see the point of going.
I was so so sorry for myself
I cried because I was being self centered.

My friend back home just lost her grandmother. She needs a shoulder to cry on. Maybe that's why god sent me home
Maybe we were taking things too lightly at the theater, and this was God's way of throwing us off our feet.
Maybe God knows this is the only way I'll study, so he sent me home.
Maybe God set up a blind date for me and my future husband...THATS why he sent me home.
Maybe God had some other plan that he hasn't revealed to me yet, that's why he sent me home.