Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry (Review)

This book was recommended to me. Highly recommended. So I made it a point to finish it. Overall, I think it was slightly overrated. For those of you who like political type action drama in novels then you might get a rush out of it. But to me it was like watching a testosterone packed action movie...starring that Craig fellow from the Bond Movie...

Google a blurb yourself because I'm just going to tell you what I thought of it. I feel there was one very weak core plot...(to retrieve something top secret for the government) which then turned into a mission for about 5 people..thats the gist of it...I thought it rather draggy because one unimportant character seemed to be controlling the movements of most of the different agents involved...and it was a tangled web of confusion and a bit of backstabbing....very CIA-NIA- FBI- charged stuff...with loads of boring technical terms that come along with it. so again if you are into that sort of thing...then you might find it exciting.

Steve Berry...quite handsome. =P

Many times there were scenes that really seemed like they were from an action the hero swinging in at the last second to save the love of his life as she was tossed into the ocean...and defusing an automatic machine gun just as it was about to go off. That type of thing is okay with special effects on the big screen ...but to read a seemed a bit cliche and me.

Apparently the hero, Cotton Malone is a regular feature in many of his books...however in this one, he actually seemed to lack any type of feeling except the need to do the right thing at all times...I would have really liked to get to know him better. His romance with another agent in the tale also lacked any particular chemistry..Honestly their dialogues were witty, civil at most, bordering on indifferent. Very dull.

The Jefferson puzzle. 

There was one good point though... and that was the punishment scenes by the "villain" or antagonist. I think there was an element of historical referencing and he was very descriptive in painting the picture of how men who went against the rules were dealt with severely to set an example to the rest.

In my earlier review of The Hunger Games I mentioned that I enjoyed reading books that made me think about things after. Sadly, The Jefferson Key did not.

This all might sound a bit harsh...but I stress this is what I thought. Please read the book and judge it for yourself because A LOT OF PEOPLE seem to love it. Cheers!

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