Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Classroom Clowns

Recently, much to my surprise, I discovered my friends Arifuddin and Ray were grouping everybody into categories according to "levels of humour"

The nerve!

the other day I made a joke...

we were put into the LAMPI category....LAMbat PIckup

Both these monkeys are quite funny ......and they know it.....and they are proud of it...pffft

Ray is good at Lawak Bodohs...and Arifuddin Lawak Aksi Lebih..
some of the things they say, i tell you...
ray's looking at the camera

and the annoying thing is they think none of the girls are funny.

but then again girls have a different brand of humour. For example Emily and I can be laughing about something till our sides ache, and no matter how many times we explain, the boys won't get it....sophisticated jokes? I'd like to think so...

Anyway it sort of reminded me of my cousin Pat and I when we were 15 and had no life...and tried to compete on who was funnier...we would count marks and write them in a book for goodness sake! we had comic drawing competitions and asked our friends to judge...i'll dig them out and post when i get the time....but erghh looking back now...none of those comics were funny!!! NONE..

Now, whenever we make a good joke, the compliment will usually be "one point" in memory of that stupid game....LOL...

Maybe you're wondering where I'm going with this....I am wondering the same thing....
Please understand that I was in the midst of completing an essay and needed a break