Tuesday, 8 November 2011

In Time

Rating: 7/10 (on thought provoking-ness)
HAHA factor: 2/10 (mostly AT the movie)
Predictability: 9/10
ACTING: 5/10 (nyehh)

Funny, how I came about watching this movie. You see the original plan was to watch the oh-so-awesome, raved about, REAL STEEL. But we weren’t in time to catch that, so we settled for this.

No spoilers I promise.

If you want a brief summary, think about a world where money was out of the equation and time was THE currency of life.

You age until 25 and then stop. After that, you are given a year to your life. You work, you earn more time. 
You waste time, your loss.

There are poverty stricken time zones (the ghettos) and the filthy rich time zones (Greenwich). It is an unfair world, the rich get richer the poor...die...

...much like today.

Hero: Justin Timberlake
Love interest/ Partner in Crime: Amanda Sdgfriegds
Mission: Save the economy
success: unknown...(no spoiler)

Anyway, Justin Timberlake and Amanda SifadterfuGFYD do make a cute couple. But that’s it. I predicted the lines on two occasions. Plus, I hated her hair in the movie. I hope she will not forever be “the dumb one” from Mean Girls for me.

The idea is a bit out there, but I applaud its trying to make us think outside what we believe possible.

But since Lord of The Rings, only the epic is meant for the big screen.

You’re not missing much if you catch it on DVD.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dear fair-weather Friend

It’s been a while since we’ve laughed, just laughed,

I never shared my troubles with you, 

Just the laughter. 

So now sue me

For trying to pick up where we left off

Equipped only with sunshine

Careful to leave out any storm clouds

Because after all

You are my fair-weather friend

You can’t handle the bad weather, friend

Unable, incapable of ...

And soon enough you’ll need me


and seek me


and be nice


And I’ll say sod off...

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Becoming famous: childhood fantasy or possible reality?

Hello reader, I sincerely hope your day was relatively awesome without any crushing heart-to-hearts or period cramps or smell of decaying animal around the porch...none of that? good to hear...

Now remember when we were five (or thereabouts) and dreamt of becoming rich and famous...

Yes it all started with that que sera sera song (lyrics here)...

And then we subsequently ditched that dream in place of what I call insanely predictable life....

But now, I’ve been doing some thinking (yes I do that occasionally) and figured that it is rather easy to become famous these days.
What with youtube and facebook encouraging us.

I mean all you have to do is screw up these days...and instantly...

Hence, I’ve dug up that dried and shriveled up dream of mine and am giving it another go

in other words, yes, you'll hear of me soon enough! but not for screwing up I hope...TEE HEE