Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Harry Potter 7?

Hello reader,
This is a summary of my days at home so far..

1. Chinese dinner with May, Jes, Brian, Darren and Joyee was damn refreshingly fun! Hee Hee. I came back at 1am though! But the food was so good! especially the prawns and the sticky doughy mee....

2. Harry Potter was good. Went with sister Laura Ann and her friend Elaine. It was unexpectedly good... but that maybe because I went in with ZERO expectations. haha.

3. Oh and I bought a novel called 'The Teacher Man'. *SMILE SMILE SMILE*

4. I discovered a website that allows us to read John Grisham and Nicholas Sparks novels online for FREE. *SMILE SMILE SMILE*

Oh and I never thought I was a cat loving kind of person.
But my SILLY KITTEN is so small and soft and *iwillnotsaycute*
black and soft and cuddly and soft and small and soft and okayyyy....
haihhhh ...*smile*

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