Monday, 7 June 2010

one of them

Maybe S** ** thinks that answering everything in slow motion is sexy. Like in a goo goo eyed baby doll way. Or! Or! in a Miss-Scarlet-from-Cluedo kinda of way! This latest brainwave comes after I have spent four nights watching Korean soaps, where it is a cardinal rule for all actresses to speak as slowly as possible. It appeals to men. SO! Maybe this is S** **’s new gimmick…to get noticed. I sincerely wish it didn’t make me want to grab a bone and hit her on the back of the head, to make the words come out faster.

A bone?

Anyway, anything that she hears gives her the most horrible fright. Anything.

“Hey S** **, here’s your file”

“Aaah!! Really!?! (eyes widen)….(in horror)…my file??....(pause for eternity) owh….(pause for eternity) okay”

Yea…okay….Take it! (to the back of the head! And again! And again, you slowww creature! Baarghhhh!!!)…I THINK to myself.

Pheww…I’m exhausted. EYE’M exhausted!