Monday, 2 November 2009

ss exhibition

YOU would be glad to know, that I finally made it home from Deepavali Night. After changing out of the punjabi suit into my convent tshirt and trackies, i made my way all the way to the JPP building, a ten minute walk from my hostel. my team mate Hafiz was there and some girls and guys from the SM2 class. Hafiz connected his phone to his two speakers, and music was positivelyblastingoutofthem!!!!!!!!! it was liek a party... at first....

then sleepiness caught up with me, and drowsiness set in, but i had to finish it. Later, Joey and Syafwan joined the party. Sin ni as well. Joking around, and talking seemed to help.

deepavali night

So weeks of meetings conducted in Tamil, paid off...and Deepavali night was a success. I made a good effort for the Indian dance with Emily.
Emily wore a saree and looked like a bride with gold earrings and the forehead dangly thing, and i looked...well...less glam. I wore a punjabi suit. Emily's, that she lent me. I was SUPPOSED to wear a saree, but some things happened and there was none for me to wear.

Anyway, I disliked being there among all of them, disliked my circumstance throughout the "party", and disliked every proceeding from my miserable dance, to the silly open dance floor. I couldn't wait to get back to IPDA (it was held in Kolej Komuniti). The next day was to be my exhibition and yes, i had not done jack shit about my boards and posters or banners. NOTHING. All i did was to get them printed earlier that day. My mind was so far away from "bhangra-ing" I couldn't even pull my signature, "clapping movement" on the dance floor.

Shalini and Vina said they felt really alone throughout the whole party because everyone had their own clique, and sat holled up at one table. i couldn't agree more. those two left early on. They called a taxi. I almost felt inclined to follow, but then something told me, that even worse than my painfully long face, would be my leaving so early. So i stayed on and stared at my phone..

where was I? oh yea staring at my phone, willing a message to appear. and one did!...more bad news, Mei Mei, my group member, telling me that our booth was by far the ugliest and her class teacher was starting to babble. then Marlene called. and i prolonged the conversation so much, she got annoyed.

liza: so tomorrow exams (one question at a time)

marlene: ah yeah

liza: mmm

marlene: yah, so oka..

liza: oh hey what exam tmrw?

marlene: science

liza: oh laura ann also right?

marlene: yah..u want to talk to mummy?

liza: erghh ok bye...

*stare* *stare* stare*


liza: ah mummy

mummy: yah hi liS. whats up, i heard you performed, and qom tells me you have an exhibition coming up tomorrow. hows that going, ready?..what are you doing now? ate already?
*what a waste of questions, shooting them all at once. i'm bound to miss a few...and the conversation is greatly shortened, thanks very much MOTHER.

liza: haha...(let me be agonizingly detailed in my answering)

so after i poured out how I absolutely abhorred my current situation but couldn't come home, coz i was relying on THEIR transport, mother said

mummy: then come out of there lah LIS, come off early..

liza: sighhhhh....*repeats transport issue*

then suddenly, mummy: ok LIS i'll call off now

wait wait wait!...HERYO, back inside i went and smiled my heart out....