Monday, 21 September 2009

How do you say "no I don't want to "??

My friends call me out to a silly party organised by a friend. I would rather try to lick my elbow. How do convey this idea to them, avoiding the "ouch" factor?
do I

a) go anyway
b) say my parents did not allow me to
c) just tell them i do not want to go

Before my esteem took a growth spurt, I fell into category a. I was an unassuming people pleaser. "yea ok" "sure *i hate her* but yea i'll share money to buy her that"

next i went through the wth-they-can't-make-me-go stage. if asked, my brain worked overtime thinking and enqueue-ing a host of ideas. i would say
"my parents DEFINITELY won't allow, but i'll ask" then I won't bother
"I have to go to my grandmothers house"
"my uncle from sg.long is coming to visit"

Finally, i have reached the no-i-don't-wanna-go stage. i like this.

for those who are still stuck in the my-parents-won't allow stage, get out of there. saves a lot of people the annoyance.

or at leasssttt make it believable.
you are on break
you are asked to play futsal in the evening
YOUr parents won't let????.....come onlah. ppfffft...

crazy insane or insane crazy.

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