Saturday, 4 July 2009

penang 09


okay this is my fourth post on penang. there are three more below, but i just remebered,

we went to this super famous nasi kandar shop in penang. It is called Line Clear. i thought it was some posh ass expensive place, the way everyone knew its name!..

but it turned out to be the humblest of eating joints ever! didnt even have its own building, but the food (nasi kandar)...basically rice and curry was awesome!......

but that didnt make us go O.o"

all of a sudden this, lady, think she was indie muzzie wore practically nothing and walked into te was like her bra, and some "shorts" that barely covered her ass.

and she was friggin hot!

i'm kidding....!!!!...think ape just evolving into man....yeap thats her....

i was STARING, yean may was laughing, sock mun was scared i think, bryan tried NOT to stare i think...

the shop owner said

"hello, hello , excuse, kita tak mau semua ini, nanti orang tengok, sumua dia tak tahu apa mau fikir, kita tak mau"

then she goes" eleh mamak cerewet!...orang nak makan nasi...selalu datang sini semua mamak kenal saya"
*yeh think pornstar*

"orang nak makan nasi....habis nak saya pakai baju kurung?..apa lah mamak ni, sekarang zaman modern"*points at herself*...orang semua pakai ini lah

(i glance at my dressing).....trying not to laugh

phew...then she walked out and yelled....all the way

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