Sunday, 5 July 2009


wall was testimonial!!...remember testi testi....hahaha i was such a loser!

if you still have your friendster accounts, that i KNOW you ignore....its quite a laugh to go back there and jenguk....digging through my old "testis", i found this particular rap created by pat....

yea...uh..check it
playgirl part 2..
rock wit me..
have u eva met a girl that u thought was whacked?
i have..
i've been thru diapers and tears with her more than u have..
i ate her rice
just to be nice
with chicken,dhal curry and milo with ice
i used to bully kids in playgrounds and she was one of them
til i found out she was my cousin and the other kids were all damned
had her back thru thick and thin
fought those girl just to win
when they took her book and made her weep like t'was a sin
one day i moved cant remember saying bye
screw that
when i came back they said "u aint fat"
resumed school
and like a fool i broke all the rules
while this girl played cool
when alan smith made her drool

2 hundred words to go
check my flow
currents faster than u, joe
and i forgot to mention ur name,no?
lizamaria raphael parrikal!
.....yesss....uh huh uh huh...
*wiki wiki*

haha eh pat remember this...guy

02/23/2007 8:45 pm

  • you finally approved me. why, i
    yeah i'm cool with it's cool
    you were probably bored ...really bored..understandable
    but then the blunder awww... shame
    i'll probably never forget ...i mean not many people's profiles get hacked u know
    no i forgot... u do it all the time..
    anyway till next time on a friendlier

good times

and then this from jes
03/23/2008 9:32 pm

  • schmt! y r u following tht imigrant man thingy?!?! yerrrr liza, since when u became like this... u, the one with all the high standards u doesn't think like ANYONE is cute. gone lah, so much for me thinking u'd oni go out with a damn hot guy... for all i noe, ur gonna start tellin me mr. unibrow is hot. YUCK! IMMIGRANTS! anyways, marc said the exact same thing bout my 'questionaire' or wvr. sibling thing. so sweet :) gotta change it.. boring edi. n it's not coz of wht u said. eff off. lol. btw, i think if 'someone' read the comment u sent they'd get the hint n go all emo so lets jz keep those things private. like typical gossip galz. yes ppl, liza gossips... a lot. lolz. no lah... actually yeah. k, i'm actually on a mission to reach my max amount of characters limit... thtz y i'm talkin nonsense. but i'm sure u don't mind. i noe u like to read this kinda nonsense... k, this is getting boring.. still boring, still boring, n still boring, very boring, boring boring, boring boring n DONE!

two years ago...and then there was BUKU MUKA

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