Tuesday, 2 June 2009

relationships...by lizamaria

A few posts ago, i thought of doing a piece on my opinion of getting into a relationship...
btw, the relationship im talking about is the one between girls and boys who think they like each other.

lol..i wont pretend that i have got any experience in that department because no i've never been in a relationship.

however, i've always felt that, before one gets into a relationship,
1. both parties should already be BEST friends!....nothing less, only then can the foundation be damn strong. of course if you decide to part ways, the impact is gonna be bigger, cause you were best friends before that.

2. when you've known each other for a very long time, then nothing can make you both feel shy shy for example, and you both know each others temper inside out.

3. its gonna take somehting huge to cause any problems in your relationship, bacause you are already best friends, and probaly know how to handle small prob
i thought this opinion was shared by everyone, until, my friend Jacinta pointed out her opinion, lol, that, she doesnt think they should be best friends, in fact....the less they know about each other, the better!!...i was like huh!?!?...she said that

1. they should only get to know each other after hooking up, or dating

2. this is because if they were best friends, then they already know too much about each other, and they might take the relationship too fast, eg. have sex and all that, way too early...

3. she also thinks that, you should date, before you are a couple....then only become a couple....

i never thought about the fact that they might take the relationship too fast!!....and i still dont think its probable, unless the couple was damn silly lah, i mean there are boundries right?.....but jes said

- they will definitly get bored of the relationship, because they dont have to date to get to know each other, because they already know each other,
- so they will move on to making out!
-then they might go to the next level...lol:P.....and it will be too late

when is the right time??

last time i said twenty five...HAHA, seriously, but thinking about it now, i changed it!...

definitly NOT when you're still in school
1. there is no point,
2. why waste so much time on ONE person, when you have so many other fun things to dowith all you r friends!
3. it can be very very very stressful and distracting, with the messages and feelings, and hormone levels..:P.....as if we dont have enough to worry about in school.
4. the future is so far away (touch wood) but its probably NOT gonna last!!

what if you care for the person? *bluek*

1. then like i said , be his/her bloody best friend larh!
2. get to know each other, but dont get romantically involved in ANY way, crushes cant be helped i guess, but effects can be controlled.
3. hang out in groups, and have fun you'll find out much more about the person through group fun. NO NEED to date. pointless
4. grow up first lah. NO one is mature at 18!!, no matter how long you've been menstruating, or no matter how long you've been shaving your moustach XD.

SOO many people hook up before they end school. then they further study in diff places doing DIFF things, then after tertiary , they realise UH OH!...absolutly nothing in common edi , conversation ges too akward!....pretty sad to break up then right


if you are a student now...forget about it,...just enjoy life!!...go to sunway lagoon!..play twister, pepsi cola.

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