Tuesday, 16 June 2009


heres what to stress on.....she read it ofF our exam paper hahaha

  1. oxidising agents
  2. halogenal alkanes identifying, preparing
  3. structural and displayed formula'
  4. alcohol, diff types
  5. disproportionation
  6. bloody mass spec, how to count, and HOW TO WORK THE MACHINE
  7. shapes of molecules
  8. mechanisms..eg addition, elimination, oxi, reduc,hydrolysis
  9. homolytic heterolytic fission
  10. ra te of reaction
  11. types of bonding
this is starting to sound like the day before spm when all the silLy hints come through sms!....

But chem is what scares me the most, followed closely by physics!!!!!!!.....ahhhh(scream not sigh

after this exam is over, i need a vacation!....

FATHER has given the thumbs up.. i mean he said "are you sure you children can handle a trip like this"...
and i said " why of course daddy!"..nolah i said " errmmm...yeaaahh can lah"

and he said "ok then"

just okay then....

nothing else

okay then WHAT??

argh nvm i'll take it as a YES.


oh yeah, what happened today.
i've started taking a TANGKI of water to college, in attempt to change my *dry* lifestyle. anyway at one point obviously i had to use the toilet, so i just got up and left the classroom, what else?....everyone else does it...

and SOMEONE thought i went there to cry coz i was upset, i said SOMEONE, coz until now i really dont know who thought such a silly thing!....apparently, they thought i suddenly went emo for some reason, and MARCHED of to the TOILET(of all places) to cry my eyes out!..

lizamaria?...cry?..toilet?...emo??...NONE of these words go together...people who emo for the smallest reason make me uncomfortable. O.o WHY would i do such a thing?...LOL funny....

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