Sunday, 21 June 2009

not so nice DOMINOS ORDER experince

My brother and I were stuck at home for 3 i thought i would have tons of fun

*first hour of freedom*

yea!!...we RULE....yea!! come on!! FREEDOM!!...INTERNET TV..!!MAGGIE ME (not sure exactly wtf i was thinking abt)

*three hours later*.

yea !! Woohoo!!....marc where are you...what are you doing, idiot wash your plate to sweep the floor
(just noticed, mum left note and asked to do all laundry).........

*five hours later*

AARGHHH...come home!!! was getting way too quiet anyway...sigh big families come with noise....

all i heard after tht was the cicaks, which roam freely in my house, and the occasional squeak of the neighbourhood rats, in the alley ....

my time was spent eating, squashing cockroaches....sleeping, and WAITING for them to get home.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY !! MY DAD!!..and other dads!

we wanted to order pizza frm Dominos

so i got the coupons all ready and dialed. 1300-888-333

liza *stupid slang*: hello is this PIZZA HUT?

dominoes guy: NO

liza: erm *still didnt get it* oh sry wrong num..

dominoes guy: this is dominoes la...

liza: whoops ahah i meant DOMINOS

dominos guy: aha ..good evening mam how can we terminate your hunger?...

liza: i want to terminate it *staring at toenail...not thinking*...( laura whacks my leg)
yea i wanna order a pizza...(sounding soo dumb)

dominos guy: *in head* abuthen???....
yes can i have your order please

AND thats how it went down. next time, i'll do better XD...terminate hunger...pffftt

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