Sunday, 14 June 2009


yea i was draggeed to hell!

This is what happened.
So innocent old me goes blog hopping one night, trying to find something funny, or interesting, and i made my way to Yean May's blog...

this is what i saw on her blog,.....

"i said cover ur eyes!! dont watch!

alex was shouting, bryan and sierng was covering their earsMOST OF THE TIME!

bryan covering half of his face,

then her eyes were popping out

SO you can imagine what i was thinking...right?

yeah AIGHT!!!!

lets go see....
so the next day, when pat wanted to hang.. i said DRAG ME TO HELL SOUNDS AWESOME *on mays blog*
little did i know...yean may is a verrryyy sensitive little girl, because THIS is WHAT i PAID TWENTY BUCKS TO SEE


A BLOODY OLD LADY puking on everybody she could see...arhhhhh..THE WHOLE MOVIE!! puke, green puke, gray slime-puke...until she dies lah

oh wait the grave she rises to life....*yea didnt see tht one coming*...*shocker*

ok why dont i break it down into a simple synopsis.

girl works at bank, old lady comes to bank, no loan....

old lady appears in girls car, pukes on girl, takes button from girl, curses button, and runs away.....with the stupiidd handkerchief.....

after that, throughout the whole movie, we will see the handkerchief floating, the old lady puking and some leaves flying...

and a SHADOW of something that keeps breaking glass nearby to scare us...


we RAN in coz jes wanted to sit inside so she practically jumped on her seat and it the time i elegantly sat down,
jacinta was on the floor crying for help...
then she went to the couple seat nearby.

and then had to move out coz*the couple* of karats came to sit, soo we all moved infront and from then on started making so much of noise in the cinema, one girl shusshed us...shusshed pat actually who kept shouting profanities!.... but who cares...jes dared me to scream, so throughout the movie, when the curtains move also, i HOWLED!!...but

MAN i never laughed sooo MUCH in SUCH a long time!!!

so based on comedic factor, i would say GO WATCH IT

...but if you are there to get petrified... seriously, just tickle yourself in the dark...or something


yean may, yi chien, bryan, sierng and alex.... WTH!!!....stick to tellytubbies...

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