Saturday, 4 February 2017

That time in Taman Rakyat

For a couple of non planners, I would say this trip was a pretty huge success.  I hadn't been to Taman Rakyat in ages! So based on severely warped memories of my childhood, I insisted and lowkey bragged about the great hiking trails and jungle landscapes that Taman Rakyat had to offer.
"Peak? of course there's a peak!" I nodded enthusiastically

But alas,  as we ambled up the flat and quite safe tarred and sometimes cement-paved road, I realised that this was quite literally "a walk in the park." We passed Taichi enthusiasts along the way and ran into the same uncles and aunties multiple times, as we made our way up the docile and unchallenging terrain. It wasn't all bad. The cool morning air was refreshing though, and it also guaranteed that we didn't break a sweat throughout the morning exercise, if we could call it that.

Anyway, it's the last day of the holidays for me. The relaxation was tremendously fun and I will hopefully take on the rest of the year with a rejuvenated spirit.ho ho ho.