Sunday, 18 September 2011

The major decision!

Planned to iron out batik at 10pm. Two hours later...After a series of unfortunate events driven by pure procrastination, I dragged the stubbornly scrunched up cloth down the stairs to the ironing room. Forgot to bring water. Shit. Ironing batik is labour intensive. I know that now. Without water, five minutes of pressing, can turn into a cruel two hours of delusional, paranoia of seeing creases disappearing, and watching them menacingly grow back in the exact same spot. Yes, grow. At one point I hoped I would burn a hole in it!  

Let me describe the IPDA batik. It’s blue, has swirly patterns, and was made in a place called Crinkle Hell.

Let me describe MY IPDA batik. It’s blue, has swirl patterns, was made in a place called crinkle Hell, has a torn button on top, armpit sweat stains that won’t come off, and is missing the skirt hook that burst off last year.

Tomorrow... Hari Raya celebration on campus! Those who don’t celebrate were required to wear batik. When the announcement was made, I heard “patik” but that didn’t make sense, so I decided it must have been “cantik”. Later Moga clarified that. B-A-T-I-K Thanks Moga.
So as I perspired over the ironing board...
 I was thinking

Why do we have to be the stupid uniformed fashion disaster. REBEL. Wear your Punjabi suit. Just to piss them off

On the other hand, I’ve spent two friggin hours of my life on trying not to burn what deserved to be burned a long time ago!

On the other hand, screw the two hours, I’ll save this for another day when people least expect me to wear it. Its all about standing out.

On the other hand, wearing the hideous thing when people least expect me to would be downright stupid. You’ve ironed it, fuck it, just wear it.

On the other hand, when I wake up LATE tomorrow, its just going to be flapping on the hanger AS CRINKLED UP as EVER as if I never ironed it. Don’t let it do that to you.

On the other hand, TWO HOURS...LIFE....WTF!!

On the other hand, SO WHATTTT...COTTON baju kurung hmmmm..comfort...temptinggg...

On the other hand............---BLANKKKK---

After a few more minutes of Reb-Tevye-styled thinking, that was that, I chucked the batik aside, and got ready for a good night’s sleep, a process which includes listening in on roommate teasing, shouting, and being lovey (in that order) with boyfriend in Tamil...getting bored and knocking off.